Management Systems Certification

Nowadays, the certification of management systems affords undeniable advantages and value to companies by helping to stimulate continuous improvement processes, improve their products, services and management, and to strengthen business opportunities.

It has also demonstrated its effectiveness as a differentiating element in the market, helping to improve business image and create confidence among customers, consumers, shareholders and competent authorities.

However, for certification to deliver its full range of advantages, it is essential that the certification body providing the service be seen as a technically competent, independent and reliable organization by those who need to trust in the veracity and value of its certificates.

Therefore, companies should always choose accredited certification bodies and request certificates with the accredited bodies; in so doing, they can be confident that for this specific activity the body has shown that it has the necessary independence and technical solvency to provide the service because it has competent staff and its audit teams have the technical competence to understand the products and critical processes of the company, their specifications and the technological environment in which the business is conducted.

Accredited certification services thus contribute to the development of the competitive strategies of companies and offer a boost to the economy and society.

Besides quality management systems and environmental management systems (perhaps the best known types), both the market and Government are placing increasing importance on the fact – and sometimes require – that companies have other certified management systems.

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