Petrocap Fleet Hazard Control services are at the forefront of fleet safety consulting. We’ve reduced the cost of risk for fleet types such as passenger cars, buses, large and small trucks, bulk liquid transporters, dry freight haulers, and intermodal operations. We can help minimize and manage risks related to your company’s fleet.

The risk costs of operating motor vehicle fleets continue to rise — particularly the direct and indirect costs of physical damage, property damage, workers’ compensation, and auto, environmental, and general liability. Plus, government regulations and court rulings expose can expose you to fines and punitive damages that can have a major impact on your financial stability and public image.

Benefits you achieve

To meet the above challenges, Marsh Risk Consulting can help your organization develop, implement, and monitor effective fleet safety management strategies. A complete fleet hazard control program can enhance your bottom line by:

  • Improving productivity and safe working conditions.
  • Increasing market share and business retention.
  • Improving driver efficiency and morale.
  • Reducing driver turnover and absenteeism.
  • Reducing insurance costs, non-insurable and administrative costs, and repair, maintenance, and fuel costs.
  • Reducing product loss /damage.
  • Improving your company image.

Services we provide

Working closely with you, our Fleet Hazard Control team can:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current operations. We’ll review and analyze your existing fleet safety programs, identify where improvements can be made, and offer effective hazard management enhancements.
  • Solve difficult fleet safety problems. Whether your problem is accident frequency or severity, poor driver attitudes, or unacceptable driving records, we can offer practical solutions.
  • Review regulatory compliance. We will help you comply with national  and international regulations to meet your clients needs

Enhance training of your managers, supervisors, and drivers. We'll teach your team best practices in safe driving that contribute to your company’s overall fleet safety.

Other Fleet Safety Services

  • Management controls evaluation (Fleet Safety Gap Analysis).
  • Behavioral risk improvement.
  • Benchmarking programs.
  • Policy/procedure development.
  • Accident Review Board development.
  • Driver advisory committee development.
  • Driver hiring standards.
  • Driver recruiting and retention.
  • Training assistance with:
    • New driver orientation.
    • Remedial programs.
    • Lead driver preparation.
    • P.A.C.E. behavioral driving.
    • Injury avoidance.
    • Operations management.
  • Cargo security and securement.


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