We offer a unique 24/7 up-and-running investigation service. Advisors with extensive experience in conducting investigations can be made available on short notice.

We apply best practices to the way investigations are performed and in analysis of root causes.

The ultimate aim of all investigations is to prevent recurrence. It is vital to understand why faults occur and how they developed. This knowledge is essential for identifying efficient preventive measures. Failure to identify the actual underlying root causes and failure to learn may result in the same type of accident re-occurring.


  • Heading client (internal) investigations - We provide an investigation lead to head investigations internally or, in case responsibility lies with a contractor, together with the contractor.
  • Independent investigation – Setting up a team consisting of the required resources and planning the investigation in agreement with the client, execute in accordance with the mandate and report out to client.
  • Discipline expert participation in client internal investigations - Provision of technical expertise in areas such as drilling and well operations, environment, HSE etc.
  • Action implementation support - Recommendations from investigations need to be translated into actions. Experience shows implementation of actions is often a challenge. petrocap can assist in effective implementation in company's organisation and ways of working.
  • Petrocap can assist in evaluation of the emergency response during an incident or accident.
  • Audits regarding verifying effects of implemented actions – We can assist clients in verifying implementation of actions from investigations.
  • Review and quality control of internal investigation reports or procedures for investigations - We can perform reviews of reports and procedures etc. to provide clients with an independent view on documentation

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